Can NATO Modernize Before It Becomes Obsolete?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) brands itself as the most successful military alliance in history, a bulwark of freedom and democracy for 61 years, and the coalition that won the Cold War without firing a single shot. But while the end of the Cold War made our world safer, it also made it more complex. Today, as sources of danger have diversified — from terrorism and piracy to cyberwarfare — NATO has been left looking flatfooted and ill-equipped to cope. More than two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the alliance risks being seen as a relic. cheap ugg boots 2010

Which is why it is planning a reboot. At a summit in Lisbon on Nov. 19-20, Barack Obama will join the other leaders of the 28-nation alliance to agree on a new NATO mission statement that aims to reaffirm their core commitment to collective defense. Together they will usher in a new era with a 10-year "strategic concept" setting forth how NATO will tackle today's many challenges. They will agree on a leaner alliance — achieved by dismantling at least four of its 11 command bases — while modernizing weapons defense. And, in a sign of the new times, NATO allies are moving toward approving an anti-missile system, and they want Russia to join in creating such a shield.
(See pictures of Russia celebrating Victory Day.)

The aim, as NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told Germany's Parliament last month, is to build "an alliance able to defend its members against modern threats, an alliance capable of managing even the most challenging crises." In practical terms, according to Rob de Wijk, a member of the Atlantic Council's Strategic Advisors Group, it means redefining NATO's underlying objectives, geographic reach and the military mechanisms. "The shift in emphasis from protecting territory to defending strategic interests requires NATO to transform the [territorial] armed forces of all member states into deployable armed forces, remove obstacles for risky 'away' operations and forge a new understanding of solidarity," de Wijk says.

The imperative to reform reflects the momentous changes in Europe and the world. Founded in 1949, NATO was initially a traditional alliance that ensured the collective defense of 15 nations against the threat of Soviet aggression. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO embraced many of the East European countries that were once harnessed to Moscow's yoke, and finally got to fight, in Bosnia and Kosovo. australia ugg boots 2010
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But despite these milestones, NATO has struggled to adapt to the post–Cold War era. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, committing each member state to consider an attack against one state as an attack against all, was invoked for the first time after Sept. 11. That led to Afghanistan, a massive operation that has placed a huge strain on the alliance and fueled tensions on whether its future focus should be on distant missions or closer to home.

Earlier this year, a specially commissioned panel of experts called on NATO to become more versatile and efficient to cope with modern challenges including terrorism, cybercrime, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The panel, led by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, also said it must be better at communicating its achievements, or risk losing public support.

But as well as new security threats, NATO has had to cope with the new timidity of European nations when it comes to putting troops on the line, as the war in Afghanistan has revealed. Daniel Keohane, a senior research fellow at the E.U. Institute for Security Studies in Brussels, says Europe's public support is falling in part thanks to the draining Afghanistan campaign and the unpopular Iraq war. "Many Europeans no longer want to follow the U.S. on military operations if their core security interest is unclear or if they think they have little say over strategy," he says. That is mirrored in dwindling defense spending. Even with their Afghan commitments, total defense spending among NATO's European members fell from $311 billion in 2001 to $272 billion in 2009.
(See pictures of Afghanistan's dangerous Korengal Valley.)

In March, Rasmussen, a former Danish Prime Minister, cautioned that Europeans could not take the transatlantic alliance with the U.S. for granted. He said the E.U., which moved to establish a stronger defense and security policy under last year's Lisbon treaty, "will remain a paper tiger if it is not followed up by concrete contributions when we need concrete military contributions." cheap Moncler

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has regularly warned about the "demilitarization" of Europe. "My worry is that the more our allies cut their capabilities, the more people will look to the United States to cover whatever gaps are created," Gates said in Brussels last month.

At the same time, as the U.S. looks to Iran, the Middle East and the rise of China, "it has ceased to be full-time European power," says Mark Leonard, co-author of "The Spectre of a Multipolar Europe," a report published last month by the European Council on Foreign Relations. "Washington sees Europe as essentially 'fixed,' and thinks it is time for Europeans to step up to provide their own security."

Despite these existential questions, NATO has never been busier. There are some 120,000 international troops attached to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. NATO troops only left Bosnia in 2004, and they still turn out together for peacekeeping duty in Kosovo. And last year, NATO warships mounted anti-piracy patrols off Somalia.
(See pictures of Somali pirates.)

But all that might still not be enough. The question for Obama and the other leaders gathering in Lisbon will be whether they really mean what they say in their invigorating new mission statement or whether these recent NATO operations represent the last twitches of an ambivalent alliance. moncler jackets on sale


Maynier chucked out of the House

Maynier, who has been on a crusade to force the defence minister to release explosive reports on morale in the military, was asked to leave the house after he refused to withdraw a remark in which he accused Sisulu of "telling a big political fib to parliament" over what is contained in the reports.nike air max 95 on sale

The two reports were compiled by the interim national defence force service commission, which Sisulu appointed last year to advise her on service conditions.

Maynier has been using the daily slot allocated to MPs to make statements on any issue, to quote from one of the reports - which he has in his possession.

Maynier yesterday quoted a paragraph from the report, which he said proved that the minister's assertion was a lie, referring to her contention that parliament cannot force her to release the defence reports as they have nothing to do with legislation currently before the defence portfolio committee .

"The fact is that the minister has been caught out telling a big political fib to this parliament," said Maynier. nike air max shoes for sale

Deputy Education Minister Enver Surty immediately took offence, requesting the Speaker to force Maynier to withdraw the remark as unparliamentary.

Speaker Max Sisulu then asked Maynier to withdraw the remark, saying he had failed to substantiate it. But the DA MP refused to comply with the Speaker's instruction.

The Speaker then ordered him to leave the National Assembly. cheap nike air max shoes

The DA stood by its man, however, saying it was the defence minister and not Maynier that needed to be rebuked by the house.

Maynier is not new to controversy. He crossed swords with ANC MPs last year after brandishing documents which he said proved the country had entered into arms deals with rogue states, some of them under UN sanctions.
Maseko spanks Northern Cape Youth League
"I'm reminded of a comment made by Plato in a book called The Republic. He said the worst thing anybody can do is to express a very strong opinion on something you know very little about," he told a media briefing on Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.

The matter was not discussed at Cabinet, he added. cheap nike shoes

The league's Northern Cape branch on Monday called Simelane a "rented dog of a political conspiracy" following the arrest of provincial ANC leader John Block on fraud charges. ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu subsequently demanded the league apologise to Simelane.

But Northern Cape league chairman Shadrack Tlhaole refused, telling supporters after Block's court appearance on Wednesday: "The ANCYL is standing by its decision and will not apologise to anyone when we defend John Block".

Simelane was prosecuting Block and eight others for alleged tender fraud worth R112 million related to the purchase of water purification equipment for Kimberley Hospital, at inflated prices in 2005 and 2006. cheap nike air max 90


U2 ticket sales smash SA record

Sales for the 22-time Grammy award-winning band, who are expected to perform their 360 Degrees tour in South Africa on February 13 in Johannesburg and 18 in Cape Town, started on Saturday. By yesterday, 114000 tickets had been sold. newest moncler 2010

Concert promoters Big Concerts' financial officer Justin van Wyk told The Times that "U2's tickets sales smashed the record that UK singer Robbie Williams held at 98000 from November 2005."

"This is the biggest event since the World Cup happened in our country and we are doing our best to make sure that everyone has their best experience of the show," he said.

This will be U2's second stop in South Africa, which will be very different from their last, as it will cost about R90-million to organise, including costs for transportation of the 200 crew members and the special stage to be shipped into the country.
Lee-Ann tweets: 'It's a girl'
The couple, who have been together for about a year, welcomed their daughter, Gia van der Walt, who was born yesterday at Johannesburg's Park Lane Hospital, weighing 3.26kg. moncler jassen 2010

The 27-year-old model wasted no time in telling her 8262 followers on social networking website Twitter when she updated her status at 11am, saying: "It's a girl."

Liebenberg also wrote: "My beautiful, perfect and healthy daughter was born this morning. Wow, I'm lost for words, wow wow wow."

The couple got engaged at the Rambagh Palace, in Jaipur, India, earlier this year.

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is said to have taken time off work to be a mother and will return to work early next year.

Van der Walt, 30, decided to give up the dangerous sport of polo in anticipation of becoming a father.

"This is the most breathtaking experience I have ever been through. Seeing Lee-Ann hold my daughter is the greatest moment of my life."

The couple plan to marry in March. moncler 2011
De Haan in hot water

Ajax Cape Town have landed in hot water as coach Foppe de Haan and four players will appear before the Premier Soccer League (PSL) disciplinary committee.

Hans Vonk, Brett Evans, Nazeer Allie, Sameehg Doutie and the Dutch mentor face charges of unsporting behaviour, using abusive language towards the referee and assistant referee as well as bringing the league into disrepute.moncler coats

This follows an incident that occurred in a PSL match between the Urban Warriors and Santos on 15 October at the Cape Town Stadium.

The People's Team were awarded a penalty in the Cape derby as Evans was adjudged to have pulled down Romano Scott in the box during injury time.

Replays have shown that it was wrong outcome, but nonetheless, the parties will be penalised for the reaction to the referee's decision.

The hearing will take place on Monday, 25 October, at 5.30pmmoncler down jacket


Flash grave

"I had to bear the pain silently expedition set foot on the road, at the end there is a flash in the grave, I will be buried together with the pain of them."

- Yuan Zhiming "nightmare"

  Red Sea flowing tears to cry shredded thrown Paoxiao the wind, the wind drum bloody desperate to sail to distant ┅ ┅

  It was a sorrowful funeral, not for the dead on the square   they already have a cemetery; is a living person, as is death "Survivor," they need to find a free cemetery, the burial was dead soul, dead ideas, dead passion, dead brilliant, and, dead life ┅ ┅

  not dead in the shell they escorted his coffin from the sea and journeyman, in the darkness of midnight, in the bitter cold wind, in the torrential rain of their burning hatred, despair, burning, burning tears of blood, the burning of the motherland That love is immortal chamber, held for their students a sorrowful funeral ┅ ┅ of

  send the boat when the waves pushed ashore last time, when the foot is far Zhiming beaches in Hong Kong has finally hit the soft patch of earth, when he finally roared to the sky, when free, but burst into tears:

  - "Oh China, what point I am sorry you?!"

  Victor forget that night of sorrow far, even after 6 years, in the bright California sun, he recalled the scene that night to escape the mainland, still with a tone of melancholy that night:

  "fled the country when, hide, are at risk at any time, no tears, time seems to beat their parents in the house, how the pain is at home. Escaped after being shot like a stick of the house, door also "thumping" to look to the lock, and never get back. I was the strongest feeling is that, although by the sky, the earth has lost. "

  "Oh China, which point I am sorry you?!"

  - China's silent, silent sea, the heavens silent but Tisi torrential ┅ ┅

  long song when the cry is given should be in pain after it?

  Oh, no, China, your not entirely unscathed, your children, how can you not weep? China Oh, how lucky you are, actually raising the children of this other fool! China Oh, and you are what, unfortunately, goes as far as they are playing at home!

  China Oh, do not turn away, at least, let conscience quiet for a second it, listen to the talk far Zhiming:

  "fled the mainland, nine death is life, seems like a nightmare, is Needless to say. Even to Paris, and seems to remain. Abjection of the grief has not subsided, and adding a run-down of the recollections.

  When I turned the people all kinds of donated clothes, take a worn; when I lit one by one the number of people sent to the franc, take two stuffed into his pocket; when I hand the first time special approval of the passport people, to Germany, to the United States, to Japan ┅ ┅ Every time, my country Oh, how I think of you, and how much hate you; how strong I am bitter, may be how to tell you!

  how many times out of customs, holding that the refugee passport, my head will be low down, could not bear to watch the human eye. That the eyes, perhaps sympathetic, perhaps doubt, maybe like a, like Tokyo and Guam, because that person will never see this stuff and I set aside. Either the same call me shame, heart General: I am a upright Chinese man!

  Paris, who gave an elegant culture, memory glitz and go away in the old ┅ ┅ But this is Paris, and I ware!

  early wanted to see the colorful and magnificent world, and now met, amazing that none of my business!

  Yes, I sojourn in Paris, dependent world, but this will be with me about it?

  I am proud of it? No! I am a Chinese! I am sentimentally attached to the yellow piece of land, the spring wind, the dirt that fall, summer and winter was brutal, and Han Xiao a group of creatures throughout the year.

  world to me? I am even more jealous of this world!

  China I bad? I miss my Chinese!

  - All things are good, hate is this time; heart has been difficult by the hate of this situation!

  a walk through the streets of Paris, looking at the school owned by a group of children, all dressed fashionable, sounded brilliance, I actually subconsciously exclaimed: is dying!

  a long time, I was rather surprised by his own evil!

  can be poured out these words, not mine, but it suppressed the profound grief:

  We are born unequal, in the face of death, everyone is equal!

  'is dying', God could be so fair! "

- Yuan Zhiming "nightmare"

  France, the home of Venus, Geshao melodious place, Paris refugee camps.

Yuan Zhiming is the motherland   scored a boundary of a slap in the face - confusion of nationality, language disorder, confusion of right and wrong, confusion of life and death. Bundle in a civilized society that magic box of locks all Suobu Zhu devil here - that hidden in the hearts of civilized and savage crimes in fact are the same, just gently pierce a seam, locust-like disaster would impinge upon ┅ ┅

  blue sky as if from a sudden fall into the abyss, death, temptation, rumors, lonely, weak and play the bad cop, good cop and bad cop lunged at him, slicing him day and night, day and night, eating only his ┅ ┅ he never need a pen, but, he needs the gun in here!

  fate, and finally forced him on the "Siwangzhilv."

1989 暮秋.

  cage according to the streets of Paris has a thin cold winter.

  is a bleak and rainy night, far from home in Paris, Victor fell ill.

  empty house only to keep them dripping rain. He lay on thick the night, hear the wind shake casement sad experience, a surge of cold inside the heart of the desolate bone gush from the heart, burned hot flood flooded his body, he felt he was lying naked the snow - the world turned into a cold grave!

  he cried.

  "You know what I wanted you that night?"


  "I wanted a bowl of soup, my grandmother cooked noodles soup that is the white water to boil, and with a few one-sided pieces Shredded ┅ ┅ thrown into the night, I did not eat, really want to Grandma She has been dead for years, but I really want to drink a bowl of the warm noodles soup ┅ ┅ "

  I cry, I thought of the little match girl, she sat alone snowy night, cold, hungry, and the hands of only a box of matches, before she lit a   Oh how lucky she was, At least, she caught hold of the light to get a profit, and profit which brought the light of her warm grip - Grandma is in heaven waiting for her ┅ ┅

  that cold rainy night, far Zhiming the last match had been soaked ┅ ┅

  Paris, please do not mind if I extract the following paragraphs of the text, all this suffering have nothing to do with you, I extract from them only in memory of the tears of an exile. Let people make irresponsible remarks go! China to spit to disdain it! At least, God will not despise a sad exile of the soul.

  Yuan Zhiming -

  day, we went to Montmarte Heights, on the lawn in front of the church, to see those gray dove
Son, then the free, peer-to Mimi old wooden tears to flow ┅ ┅)

  "sunshine, the white of the Sacred Heart church, Yin side of the green lawn, I look forward to a French girl and her shoulders pigeons, so beautiful, so sweet, is so quiet ┅ ┅

  Suddenly, my ears back to the mournful sounds of gunfire calendar, the immediate passing a dead body, a pool of plasma beach, one by one tear face ┅ ┅

  I'm dizzy, heart, screams: my motherland! "

  Su Xiaokang -

  "I dreamily remember: we were at Notre Dame had knelt down together, you play trembling shoulders, a long time in that crawl under the dome, you can not get up ┅ ┅"

  Yuan Zhiming -

  "read your first sentence, I cried. Since that nightmare in the noon, you and I seem to fall from the sky usually appears in front of each other, we drift along in life and death, between heaven and earth.

  together in broad daylight, we fear, also with wailing in the dead of night, with Notre Dame in Paris, where kneeling, and kneeling with the white into the tall, located on high ground of the Sacred Heart Church. That time, I did not notice you are not crying, only knew that he cried incessantly. You to comfort me, and then each bought a cross necklace hanging, hanging on the cross that Jesus Christ is suffering, his wife sent to the Beijing ┅ ┅ "

  - when I read the above paragraphs of text, my heart pours out of the deep bitterness - China Oh, how many bitter tears before pouring your anger get off? How much the tears want to move out before your sufferings set? !

  "in the church, why are you so sad?" I asked far Zhiming.

  "I want my daughter," he lowered his head,

  "in the Sacred Heart church, I saw the Virgin in his arms a baby curly hair, black fat, especially as my daughter. I fled, she was 1 year old, I could not even her Photos are afraid to take, just take a piece of her used bath soap, leaving only a thin piece, I spent the day on the desk, like her, to smell the tiny soap ┅ ┅ saw the curly hair of the baby, I could not kneel down, a bow, tears rushing to flow, how can not stop, like prayer, not even to say a word ┅ ┅ "

  1989 年 12 month Hong Kong "breakthrough," Mr. Li Yi Miscellaneous  published the article "  exile in Paris until his intention to visit Su Xiaokang, far Zhiming", which some like this:

  "work is often frustrated prescription treatment. On the far Zhiming, the FDD into the work is undoubtedly his sense of loss in the political make up the most positive way. However, in view of the reality of the environment, the people array will be the commencement of any work is difficult. "

  Lee made lighter! In fact the people the biggest difficulty faced by array from within, from the people. After a few months, far Zhiming, finds that a mentality wrote:

  "the overseas democracy movement a year ago, I along with the Su Xiaokang and others, from the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Fretilin established to host the" democratic China "miscellaneous , an exile from that intellectuals do in the country of crisis, able to do, but the heart is thus gradually cool down. As Lu Xun year, too much to see in a pool of blood in the counsel of his selfishness, suspicion enthusiastic, vile slander and mutual strife. the face of these people, these things, I have to think more than once stand up and shouted: What are you doing?


  As it is generally believed that China would do everything possible to undermine the security of overseas pro-democracy movement, I also believe that the bones of the problems of Chinese exiles, the damage will play a greater role. "

- Yuan Zhiming, "We bones of the problems"

  was driving the chariot tied to the same comrades, who pulled off a tow rope with a partner who had the same dream to find friends, have the same Holding the tears flow through the trouble brothers, in the face of selfish, he did not restraint and beyond "ugly Chinese"   mortal beings than they want to wake up, because they want to transform the fruit seller, more needs to be awakened, to be modified, it is the Chinese elite themselves!

  fate finally brought to life far Zhiming Calvary - he had nothing, leaving only a naked heart, wandering in the rain ┅ ┅

  He fell into the sun - the sun has already Xi Chen; he fell into the moon - the moon had faded; he fell into the storm - only muddy feet. He blows a, sobbed, trembling, holding a naked heart, through the pure cold wind, through the slanting rain, walk through despair, walk through alone, but lost in the life lane in the rain - no help, he saw a rundlet, floating in the rain, reminding us of scenes a warm lilac, and he fell into the umbrella, but missed his heart broken to pieces, the ┅ ┅

  1989 年 10 28, Yuan Zhiming wrote in his diary:

  "Last night, fear and anger me Juequ today, reason and justice, kidnapped me again.

  close the eyes close the eyes among the gods, by Wu Jue call me: Come back, return to your own.

  I was at a loss.

  gods then said: You see the people's cruelty and selfishness, greed and debauchery, you should go to cry out loud for me!


  He souls wandering the streets of Paris in general   no sun, no moon, no wind, no rain, the world was dead, empty space, an illusion, a chaos!

  he entered an art dealer - he did not know what to buy, he does not need to buy anything, he does not want to buy anything. He stopped - Suddenly, reminding us of scenes lightning smoked his body, earth shattering in general, the perception of dead bang pop out from the grave, convulsions, crawl rather, opened his haggard eyes - he saw a picture:

  dark of the night hanging with a flashing cross, hanging above the suffering of Jesus Christ - with open arms, as if to embrace the earth, two nails through the palm been crucified, therefore, to carry a heavy dark bow to the world - the flash of the cross block to the darkness, as if a brilliant Arc de Triomphe stands in the heavens and the earth, so dark the night was jumped back, the earth, emerged a blue ┅ ┅

  surprised him erect, in a mist across Emmanuel, who suddenly finds himself felt. Good Friday he plans to buy four, one sent home, sent a wife, there are two left to its own ┅ ┅

  1990 年 4 28, Victor's father sudden death far, he died of lung cancer, aged 58.

  month later, that bad news is far Zhiming.

  dying father, said his death has nothing to do with the far Zhiming.

  far Zhiming told my sister:

  "you escape, the father holding the radio and two packs of cigarettes a day, bored in the house, smoking, listening to shortwave, but said nothing. You are dead or alive, the father can only find from the short waves that your audio ┅ ┅ days, police officers also searched every few days to the house ┅ ┅ "

  Victor cried the night away, lingering guilt tore him, he knew, his father's death with him, before fleeing when he saw his father one last time, my father did not disease.

  his father placed a sacrifice, not his father's picture, just a Good Friday in Paris, plans to buy, he knelt before the Good Friday plans, point the candle, crying cut, including:

  "tears do not wash the home country resentment, a moving and sad predicament a few worthy! Even though past and present no filial, when there are long days outside song!"

  - as much a ritual of blood and tears these ZM song "sacrifice the parent> poem written on paper, his heart is in fact desperate thin Qiongyin have not heard, but, somewhere, has to the gods He predicted the issue: "When there is a long song day outside!"

To cemetery

  cemetery is still a silence, only the dead will not disturb his heart sinking, hopeless. He quietly walked Beilin, have no desire to read all the sentences have been hot were cold and stiff under the bodhi tree has long been a poet.

  He went to a non-word Beiqian slumped, staring for a long time, and finally write the final inscription:

  "in this civilization, desert, front, only death, death, is hope."

- Yuan Zhiming Paris 1990 "a small yellow flower"


Loss of religious

Any religious people, will be eager to search for religious piety and meet some people to penance, Masquerade, fasting and other methods to show their loyalty and faith seriously. Unfortunately, such religious ethics, who often become a tool for the pursuit of vanity, anti make life lost.

God reprove Israel bias, that they tried to pursue only the appearance of piety and satisfy their vanity, have been lost in their own religion. God requires that they seek is simple, real and love life; is compassion there is need to treat people fairly, to replace the vicious words of gentle words, in recognition of God's goodness in life. This is the way religion should be, to the glory of God to lead his life.

Today, we may not have the people of Israel had done, but the hypocrisy of religion behind them and lost, but also our circumstances today, but way more subtle, more spiritual knowledge of the packaging, so we lost religion more than they are. You have lost the desire to find her from God? Your desire to light up as the morning light?


What is a law of God? How do people destroy this law?

First, the law of God about which the Holy Spirit is our new law.

Second, it is a covenant between God and Israel. Third, this is awarded to the beginning of creation God's law.
Today, we are against all the laws, you can use a few words to summarize: we have to dedicated, and with all the best of Italy, try to Eros, and to be like Jesus loves us, love each other. The apostle Paul said: "who loves has fulfilled the law." (Note: Romans chapter eight.)

We love so there are two objects. First, we want to heart the love of God. Second, we need to love fellow as himself, the law to include all, and with the words of Jesus, is: "these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets of the Master of all truth." (Note: Ma Pacific Gospel twenty-two chapter forty.)

On the other hand, awarded by the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai, the first four commandments and obedience to God on the fifth commandment is to obey our parents, the other five is our attitude towards others; not grab someone else's wife, do not steal other people's property, no man lie, not murder, do not hurt people. If you treat others the same way it treats its own, if you love their way to love others, you have to follow these commandments out.

So, we finally can make such a conclusion, the law of God is that we should put God first place in life. He wants us to be His children and love and supple. We need to listen to Him, obey Him and His will no matter what, are willing to accept. This is the law of God in the highest state of law of the Spirit is (Note: The Romans VIII two.)

God on Mount Sinai and wrote down the law enacted, there are many statutes on diet and other provisions, but these laws is basically to the people of Israel. The Bible says the law is the future of these shadow of good things to children (Note: Colossians Chapter II sixteen to seventeen), these achievements to the law in Christ. Christ into us, then we will live out the law to achieve justice. The Spirit of Christ in us, we naturally able to comply with the law.

You can see in the world, the law is basically bad behavior in order to limit the people who, for example: traffic lights, pollution control, punishing murder, kidnapping, theft, fraud, and other evil laws, but With people who love to act, the law exists it is not - there is no law will be bound him, or let him bear the burden, because they can both natural and voluntary implementation of all the law through the Holy Spirit to the public defined requirements.

Since these laws are based on love, when we can not love God or harm to others, we are undermining the law of God. We hurt others - such as theft, adultery, murder, or bear false witness - often from within us, so the law of God with another one of these "not covet your neighbor" of the ban - which is a Item spiritual sin. Jesus said that the idea of a greedy behavior is tantamount to committing adultery, and anger with insulting arrogance if it is equivalent to committing the crimes of murder (Note: Matthew chapters twenty-one to twenty-eight).



Dinner in the spring, we teach the young people with light, foam and other materials in the hall into something they thought heaven looks like. These creative young people to use their imagination, "Construction of heaven."

Dinner's theme is "I can only imagine" is from the "pity me" this Christian band's songs are inspired. Our daughter Melissa is responsible for decorating the house church. When I went to see the process of decorating them, she was hanging on the ceiling of stars. Dinner that night, my wife and I heard Melissa's friends singing the theme song, "I can only imagine," reminds us of that distant place ─ ─ heaven.

Of course, we never imagined after only six weeks, Melissa really gone to heaven. Can only imagine what was on the instant, has become a reality.

Jesus talked about heaven, the purpose is for us to be troubled. He said: "Do not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me." (John14Chapter1-2Section)

Jesus has prepared for His believers a good place, full of can not imagine there's goodness, light and majesty. There, God watch over all the faithful, one day we will go there. Imagine heaven looks like, let's heart is joy!